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Free Knitting Pattern: Cocoon Shrug

We love Urth Coexist yarn, and we’ll tell you why in three words – silk, merino, hand-dyed. 😱

Do we have your attention now?

Lets go…


1 skein of Urth Coexist (we’ve got 3 colorways)

50 cm. (or longer) circular needles (5 mm.)
50 cm. (or longer) circular needles (9 mm.)

Tapestry needle
Knit blockers (optional)


Skill Level

34 stitches, 28 rows to 10 cm. (Herringbone stitch)

Finished Size
61 cm. x 53 cm. (unblocked)
74 cm. x 56 cm. (blocked)


BO = Bind off
cont = Continue
foll = Follows
k = Knit
p = Purl
p2tog = Purl two together
rep = Repeat
sts = Stitches
sl1wyif = Slip 1 stitch purlwise with yarn in front
x = Times
yo = Yarn over


Row 1: k1, *sl 1 st as if to knit, k the next st. With left needle, pick up and move the slipped st back to the left needle, with the right needle, pull working yarn through, making a second st while dropping slipped st off needle, rep from * until 1 st remains, sl1wyif.

Row 2: *p2tog, do not drop the 2 sts off left needle, with right needle, p1 into first st on left needle rep from * to end of row.


Using smaller needle, cast on 163 sts.

Rows 1-6: Work Herringbone stitch Row 1-2.

Row 7: Work Row 1 of Herringbone stitch.

Row 8: Knit.

Switch to large needle and cont as foll:

Row 9: *Insert tip of larger needle into first st yo 2x, knit st, rep from * to end of row.

Row 10: Using smaller needle k row dropping each yo.

Rows 11-13: rep rows 1-2 of Herringbone stitch ending with RS row.

Row 14-15: Knit.

Row 16-17: Rep rows 9-10.

Rep Rows 1-17 a total of 5x.

Rep Rows 1-8.

BO all sts.


Using steam lightly block into a rectangle approximately 74 cm. x 56 cm.

Align rectangle with WS facing and selvedge edges at top to bottom.
Fold form top to bottom, RS facing.

Using tapestry needle and left over yarn sew seam along selvedge edge from left corner taking care to only sew seam along the Herringbone section.

Weave in ends.

Repeat for right corner.

That’s it!

Click here to download the PDF version of this pattern.

A big thanks goes to Urth and pattern designer Catherine Salter Bayar.

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